Uluru kata Tjuta or Ayers rock is sometimes called the heart of Australia.

It’s also known as the red center and is probably one of our greatest landmarks and as such is a major tourist attraction in Australia.

In fact, a visit to Australia’s our bank wouldn’t be complete without spending some time at the rock.

10 Best Things to do in Uluru

So here are the 10 things to do to get the most from your visit

1 Watch the Sun Rise over the Rock

Uluru will change color in front of your eyes from purple to brightish red color then shiny orange and at last thick brown and the silence is quite an experience.

2. Uluru Ayers Rock Climb

You can still climb the rock although the Aboriginal owners ask you not to and it’s a very strenuous climb.

Its 1.6 kilometers to the top and will take you about two hours. Don’t attempt it if you’re not fit

3. Walking around the Ayers Rock

A walk around the Ayers rock walking guides and maps are available created by local indigenous tour guides.

There are many different walks offered with dozens of sites to see.

4. Uluru Helicopter Tour

Take a scenic flight ride over the Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta by helicopter or fixed-wing small plane.

Flights are available every day and it’s a great way of seeing this great Australian landmark.

5. Camel Ride in Uluru

Catch the camel train and write a camel through the desert landscape with Uluru and kata Tjuta as a stunning backdrop. On the way in Joyce and Billy tea and damper for morning or afternoon tea.

6. Small Guided Tour near Ayers Rock

Join a small guided tour group and hear the stories and Aboriginal legends of Uluru. Your guide will tell you the aboriginal creation stories associated with this great Australian monolith.

7. Four Wheel Drive Tour

Discover the genuine Australian outback in a mount conner four-wheel-drive day tour. This genuine Australian outback tour is a special way to experience the rugged beauty of the true Central Australia. 

8. Uluru Sunset Tour

Witnesses sunset over Uluru and again watch the remarkable changing colors as the Sunsets over the desert landscape. There are a couple of designated platform viewing areas offering optimum panoramic views of Ayers Rock.

9. Dining under the Stars Experience

Dying in the desert under the outback skies this is one dining experience like no other. Enjoying the fine food and wine and listening to a storyteller telling yarns from the Outback. 

10. Night Sky Tour

Finally, take a stargazing tour of the night sky. This tour will take you on a journey through the southern night sky where your resident astronomer will guide you through the evolution of the universe

It’s no wonder some visitors rate a trip to Uluru-kata Tjuta as the most stunning and sensational thing you can do when you’re visiting the great brown land.



Ayers Rock Wildlife

There are seven species of bats, four species of frogs and many reptile species, as well as pushes to reintroduce extinct animals including the Malleefowl and Common Brushtail Possum at Ayers Rock.

Equally, there is an abundance of flora at Ayers Rock, the Mulga tree, the Centralian Bloodwood and endangered species – the Adder’s Tongue ferns.


Ayers Rock Tourist Attractions

track to Uluru Ayers RockWhen you’re at Ayers Rock, you can visit the Ayers Rock Campground Gallery and go on tours led by Indigenous people of the area to gain a better understanding of Ayers Rock’s significance.

While you’re at Ayers Rock, venture to the Olgas, another rock spectacular that consists of 36 large rock formations that spread out over 35 kilometers. There are also some very good places to stay at Ayers rock.


What to do in Uluru?

Uluru Kata Tjuta National ParkIf you are wondering what you can do at Uluru,

Do not worry about that. There are various things to do in Uluru.

Find popular things to do in Uluru National Park (Ayers Rock) and then get great deals on nearby hotels.

Starting from a Base walk at Morning and Evening to Camel Safaris and extended to Helicopters Tours at Uluru at the best experience Uluru Ayers Rock Tours


Uluru Tours

Ayers-Rock-Helicopter-ToursWhile you are holidaying around beautiful Ayers Rock you will have open to you, around 65 different tours that all range in length depending on what you wish to visit.

The very experienced tour guides can easily take you to so many of the main attractions in Uluru around Ayers Rock, including the huge monolith itself, so you can witness first-hand the sheer beauty and natural wonder that makes up this amazing part of the Northern Territory Australia Tourism.

With such attractions as the Olgas, Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock, West MacDonnell Ranges, Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta and other special places such as plunging rock pools, cascading waterfalls, wetlands, and picturesque National Parks, you will never run out of things to see and do.

If you only have a couple of days to spend here you may want to check out the Overnight Uluru Camping Safari or perhaps the 2 Day Red Centre Highlights Tour or even the Uluru & Kata Tjuta – Sunrise Tour. There is also the 

so you can see what this beautiful countryside looks like as the sun sets over the horizon.

On any one of these tours, you can see places like Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, Kata Tjuta National Park, and Alice Springs and have all of your meals included.


Best Accommodation in Uluru

Accommodation Hotels and Resorts in Uluru for a scope of spending plans and a campground are accessible in Yulara, simply outside the recreation center limit.

There is no other accommodation inside the Uluru National Park, and no Camping is allowed inside the recreation center limits. About few minutes short of Yulara (while proceeding from Alice Springs) is Curtin Springs Station, which offers a free campground and different offices.

Note that outside the limits of the recreation center, there are basically boundless opportunities for discrete and capable “hedge outdoors” along the edge of the street.

Yulara has a variety of accommodation starting from Camps to 5 stars. The town is part up into areas relying upon the settlement type. Every one of the lodgings, the campground, the Resorts, and the Hotels are overseen by Voyages, 08 8957 7888

Restaurants in Uluru

Outback Pioneer Barbecue UluruThe Dining Experience of Uluru is Awesome with some of the Finest Restaurants in Uluru in Hotels.

Every one of the Hotels/campgrounds recorded underneath has a Restaurant or two that is valued inside a similar range as the settlement, in spite of the fact that guests are free to stroll between them. 

Outback Pioneer Barbecue and Sounds of Silence are few of the best Restaurants and dining experiences with a night under the stars.


Ayers Rock Climate

Ayers Rock has a maximum temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, a minimum temperature of 3.4 degrees Celsius in July and an annual rainfall of 330.5 millimeters.  Know more in detail about Aluru Ayers Rock Weather.


Uluru or Ayers Rock

Uluru Sunset PhotoIts Aboriginal name is “Uluru”. The first European to see Ayers Rock was Ernest Giles during an expedition into Australia’s interior in 1872. He was not able to reach the rock due to lack of supplies.

In the following year, a surveyor named William Gosse was mapping a route for the overland telegraph and he became the first European to visit the rock and climb to its summit.

He named the rock after Sir Henry Ayers who was the chief secretary of the South Australian government. He also visited the nearby Olga’s, a separate rock formation that lies nearby that had been named by Giles.

The Aboriginal name for the Olgas is Kata Tjuta.

The rock itself is enormous reaching a height of some 348 meters above the surrounding plain and like an iceberg, has only 10% of its bulk above the surface.

Around the perimeter of the rock are numerous caves and overhangs where Aboriginal rock art is displayed. Ayers Rock can be accessed easily by air as it has its own airport with regular flights from the east coast and from Darwin in the north.

Ayers Rock Resort provides a wide range of accommodation for visitors, at the nearby township of Yulara. The resort caters for backpacker and campervan visitors as well as those who seek a little more luxury in hotels like “Sails in the Desert” and “Latitude 131” resort.

Many tourists come by campervan or motorhome and the highway is fully sealed from both the north and the south. Driving distances are vast so it is important to come well prepared.

When you arrive you can explore by yourself or you can join an organized tour. These tours can provide a wealth of information about the rock and its significance to the local Anangu Aboriginal people.

You may climb the rock if you wish however the local people would prefer that you did not. The climb is extremely arduous and not to be attempted unless you are reasonably fit and not afraid of heights.

There are several plaques erected at the base of the climb that marks the passing of several climbers who did not make it back.

Ayers Rock in the Northern Territory Australia is one of the world’s most amazing natural sights and a place to come and admire one of the true wonders of the natural world.


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