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Uluru Tours

From day tours through to extended overnight tours or perhaps even longer than that, you can select from a huge range of adventure tours that you can embark on so that you can experience the true essence of Uluru for yourself.

People of all ages have been booking onto these remarkable tours so that they can get up close and personal with the native flora and fauna and witness the ever-changing scenery and outback lifestyle that is one of the integral parts of Central Australia.

If you don’t have a lot of time to spare but still wish to see some of the main attractions that surround Ayers Rock then why not book yourself onto a day tour or overnight adventure camping safari for something really different.

Uluru Day Tours

For anyone that is looking for a great day tour then why not book yourself with World Travel Mart who organize the Uluru day tours from Ayers rock.


Uluru Day Tour by Helicopter from Ayers Rock

Places to be Covered: Uluru and Kata Kjuta
Duration: 60 minutes (approx.)
Location: Ayers Rock, Australia



Uluru Camel Express Sunrise or Sunset Tours

Places to be Covered: Around Ayers Rock
Duration: 2 Hours(approx.)
Location: Ayers Rock, Australia



Ayers Rock Helicopter Tour to Uluru

Places to be Covered: Uluru and Kata Kjuta & Lake Amadeus
Duration: 55 minutes (approx.)
Location: Ayers Rock, Australia

Uluru Tours from Alice Springs

Each of the 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 days Uluru tours use 4WD vehicles and only take small groups of between 9 and 14 passengers.

Activities include hiking, sleeping under the stars, swimming, camping and exploring southern and Central Australia.


3 Days Uluru Tours from Alice Springs

Departure Point: Alice Spring
Duration: 2 Nights and 3 Dayss
Location: Ayers Rock, Australia


There is the Overnight Uluru Camping Safari 2 days Red Centre Highlights Adventure Tour which will prove to be something that you will never forget.

For anyone that is traveling to Uluru with enough time to really get up close and personal with the array of attractions that there is to visit then you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to travel with one of the extended tours that depart from the region.

You can travel around from anywhere from 2 days through to 21 days! And with everything included such as meals, transportation, and accommodation you won’t have to worry about anything except yourself and your luggage that you wish to take.

Adventure Tours and AAT Kings are the two main operators that run regular extended tours throughout Central Australia and around Uluru.

From Uluru Ayers Rock Tour such as the

3 Day Uluru Safari,
the 4 Day 4WD Red Centre Safari,
the 2 Day Red Centre Highlights,
the 3 Day 4WD Uluru Tour “Safari in Style”
as well as the excellent 10 Day Uluru to Kakadu Safari that is all run by Adventure Tours.

If you wish to see a bit more of what Australia has to offer then there are extra long tours that start from Central Australia and make their way to some of the major capital cities around Oz.

Special Tours to Uluru from Alice Springs that include the

10 Day Alice Springs to Melbourne Safari,

12 Day Territory in Depth – Alice Springs to Darwin,

13 Day Alice Springs to Sydney Safari,

9 Day Red Centre

6 Day Alice Springs to Adelaide Safari

you can see as much as you wish to on any one of these remarkable adventures.

AAT Kings is a long-standing company that has been running regular trips in and out of Uluru Tours for years, so you can expect nothing but comfort and style when you travel with them.

So why don’t you check out the

6 Day Red Centre Explorer,
the 21 Day Complete Outback Tour.
Uluru – 2 Day Tour,
3 Day Tour,
4 Day Tour
6 day Tour

depending on how much time you are left with.

How to Travel to Uluru

Travel to Uluru by Car

If group tours are not your idea of the perfect outback adventure, why not hire a car and see the sights at your very own pace?

Driving in Central Australia can be quite dangerous for visitors. Be aware of the long distances between each destination and avoid driving on outback roads at night.

Allow plenty of time for travel and ensure that you take frequent rest stops along the way.


Travel to Uluru by Bus

Greyhound Australia Buses Commute on a daily basis from Alice Springs to the Uluru National Park. The Cost of the Bus from Alice Springs to Uluru is around $85. 


Travel Distances by Road:

Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort) – Alice Springs 450 km

Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort) – Uluru (Ayers Rock) 25 km

Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort) – Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) 60 km

Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort) – Kings Canyon 300 km

Kings Canyon – Alice Springs 437 km

Kings Canyon – Alice Springs 327 km

Kings Canyon – Alice Springs 318 km

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