Northern Territory Australia Tourism

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Northern Territory Australia Facts

Population: 247,159 as of September 2018
Time Zone: UTC+9:30 (ACST)

An Australian holiday cannot be complete without travel to the fabulous Northern Territory.

This is the home of the Great Australian Outback and some of the nation’s most important tourist icons. Its scenery is world famous with movies like “Crocodile Dundee” and “Australia” being filmed here.

The Territory has a huge range of things to see. The capital of northern territory in Australia is Darwin which is located on the north coast.

It is a modern city with plenty of up to date hotel accommodation, having been almost totally rebuilt since it was destroyed by cyclone Tracey in 1974.

It has an international airport and many visitors to Australia enter the country here. The Northern Territory is a fantastic place to see by organized tour or by campervan or motor home.

There are many tours that originate from here to show you all of the fantastic places that you will want to see. Most of the major campervan and motor home companies also have bases here so it is a great place to commence a touring holiday.

northern territory australia tourism

northern territory Australia tourism

The Northern Territory in Australia is one of the countries most visited states. It is home to many of the countries aboriginal people and many of the tribes who have been least changed by living amid a modern society live here.


Much of the ancient cultures have been preserved and many of the ancient rock art galleries are available for you to visit.

Capital of Northern Territory in Australia

Darwin is the capital of the state and it lies on the northern coast. The climate here is full tropical and there is a wet and a dry season.


The city of Darwin one of the best in northern territory Australia cities was practically wiped from the map by Cyclone Tracy on Christmas Eve in 1974 and has since been totally rebuilt.


It is now a vibrant modern city with world-class accommodation. It has an international airport and is a great place to start your Northern Territory holiday.


Darwin northern territory Australia capital city is the ideal jumping off point for a campervan or motorhome holiday in Australia and most of the major rental or hires companies to have a large base here.


Major organized tour companies also use Darwin as a base so no matter what style of the holiday takes your fancy you can get started here.


Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National park are both within easy driving distance from Darwin. Here the scenery is absolutely spectacular. Massive sandstone escarpments drop into coastal plains and waterfalls crash over the drop-offs.

northern territory in australia

northern territory in australia

Lakes rivers and streams along the coastal strip are all infested with man-eating crocodiles and sports fishermen from around the world come here in droves to catch the mighty barramundi. There is some accommodation in Kakadu National Park, however, it is very limited so you do need to book early.


There are also camping facilities and caravan parks. Traveling south down the highway you will pass Mataranka springs on your journey to Central Australia.


This is the location of Alice Springs which is the home of tourism in the red center. There is plenty of accommodation and the nearby desert scenery is absolutely sensational.


The “Ghan” which is the trans-Australia rail link from Adelaide to Darwin calls here and there is also a domestic airport with regular flights from Sydney on the East coast.


From Alice Springs it is a 460-kilometer drive to Ayers Rock and you can visit the magnificent Kings Canyon on the way. Uluru Ayers rock is probably Australia’s most important tourist destination and a place of great significance to the local aboriginal people who call it Uluru.


The Olgas are also close by and you will need several days to properly explore this significant region. There is plenty of accommodation available at Ayres Rock resort and standards start at backpacker level and go through to five stars. Ayres rock also has its own airport and domestic flights are available from many Australian destinations.


When traveling it is wise to remember that Northern Territory distances are vast and help can be a good distance away, so always remember to take local advice when traveling through this magnificent country.

The Northern Territory of Australia hotel industry has great places to stay at all the major population centers and tourist attractions throughout the state.

Northern Territory Australia Map




Northern Territory Australia Weather

The Northern Territory of Australia has two particular atmosphere zones.

The northern end, including Darwin, has a tropical atmosphere with high stickiness and two seasons,

The Winter Season (October to April)

The Summer Season (May to September).

Amid the dry season almost consistently is warm and radiant, and evening moistness midpoints around 30%.


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