Uluru Tours from Alice Springs

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Tours From Alice Springs to Uluru

For both its Aboriginal custodians and the travelers who flock here, Uluru National Park represents the physical and spiritual heart of Australia.

For all your Northern Territory Australia Tourism, talk to a Territorian. With our exciting range of Uluru Tours from Alice Springs from Day tours to 10 Days Outback Tours, Book it at the cheapest range. 

Ayers Rock Tours from Alice Springs 3 Days



Departs from: Alice Springs

Accommodation Type: Camping

Price: $ 550 AUD

Includes:- Camping & Park Fees (in local fee), Food, Camping Gear, Guide


This 3 day Ayers Rock Tour from Alice Spring (Uluru Tour), explores the fascinating Outback region of Central Australia in a small group (max 9 or 14).

Accommodation is bush camping in a swag around the campfire at minimal facility campgrounds. It’s a backpacker tour with plenty of adventure and group activities.

Approx 70% of Travelwild customers are between 19 and 39, with 50% males and females.

The Uluru Tour visits Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (The Olgas, or Mount Olga) and Watarka (Kings Canyon). As well other less well-known destinations including Mt Connor (Atila), Mt Ebenezer, Stuarts Well where you can ride a Camel, Kings Creek Station and Curtin Springs.

National parks visited on this tour include Uluru National Park, which is a world heritage area, and Watarrka National Park.

Hikes include the Uluru base walk (8km), Valley of the winds walk at Kata Tjuta (8km) and the rim walk at Watarrka (8km). There is also time to climb Uluru if you wish.

Aboriginal culture is very strong in Central Australia, the Ayers Rock 4WD Tour visits the Cultural center in Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, and your guide will discuss with you many aspects of this rich and varied culture, and will be able to show you sacred sites and ancient rock art.

Ayers Rock Tour From Alice Spring 3 Days – Itinerary

Day 1

ayers rock base walkThere is no point in sleeping in when there is an adventure to be had, and the 3 day Ayers Rock Tour is no exception. Pickups from the various hostels and hotels in Alice Springs start at 5.45am, after which any ticketing is completed then it’s on the road, heading south for the drive to Ayers Rock.

Note, it is also possible to begin the tour at Ayers Rock at midday, you must request this option when booking and it is not always available.

Traveling through Outback Australia is a pleasure as many interesting sights can be seen, the desert landscape is cut by mountain ranges, dotted with rocky outcrops, intersected by dry rivers lined with century-old gun trees and at times, even covered in wildflowers after rain.

It is also worth noting just how natural the landscape is, apart from the road surface you are traveling on, there are very few man-made objects and it is easy to see that the landscape has remained unchanged for many thousands of years.

On the way to Ayers Rock, the tour passes the James and Waterhouse Ranges, Mt Ebenezer Roadhouse and the impressive Attila, a large and impressive Mesa which amazingly, is larger than Ayers Rock and is often mistaken for the famous monolith.

The Cultural Centre, near the base of Ayers Rock, is a fantastic facility which showcases the Aboriginal Culture of the Anangu (Aboriginal People). Uluru has been part of the Anangu culture for thousands of years and the cultural center helps to explain this spiritual significance.

After the cultural centre your guide will take you on a guided walk at the base of Ayers Rock to beautiful gorge and waterhole called Kantju Gorge. Here your guide will provide more information about the Aboriginal Culture in the area, share some stories and point out sacred sites and ancient Rock Painting. From Kantju Gorge you can choose to keep walking and complete the full base walk of Ayers Rock, or if you wish attempt to climb to the summit.

One of the most famous activities at Ayers Rock is to sit back and watch the sunset where Ayers Rock appears to change color as the sun drops towards the horizon, this is done in style on tour complete with a drink of wine and nibbles.

After the sunset it’s time to set up camp, crank up the campfire, sit back and enjoy your first night under the stars.

  • Ayers Rock
  • Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park
  • Uluru Cultural Centre
  • Guided Base Walk
  • Uluru Climb if you wish
  • Uluru Sunset


Day 2

Campsite near Kings CanyonKeeping true to the notional that there is no point sleeping in when there is adventure to be had, Day 2 of 3 day Ayers Rock Tour does not disappoint, as not far from the campsite is the most famous rock in the world, as just as it looks sensational when the sun goes down, it also looks great when it comes back up again. So from a lookout close to camp, you can wake up to the start of another fantastic day as you watch Ayers Rock wake up as well.

After breakfast and packing up camp, it’s off the Kata Tjuta, or the Olgas for an 8 km hike through the domes of Kata Tjuta and a place called “The Valley of the Winds” where, coincidently, it is often windy, this seems to be due to the relatively cooler temperatures in the deep narrow valley compared to those of the surrounding desert, this creates a “thermal interruption”, resulting in, you guessed it, wind! Which in the middle of summer is a welcome relief?

Kata Tjuta actually translates to mean “many heads”, the Aboriginal people believe that the domes represent the heads of their most important ancestors and the area is considered more sacred than Uluru.

Geologically the area is wonderful and your guide will be able to explain how Kata Tjuta and Ayers Rock have formed many millions of years ago.

After visiting this fascinating area it’s back to the resort for lunch then off towards Kings Canyon for the second night of camping. The campsite near Kings Canyon is located on a remote cattle station called Kings Creek, and is located miles from anyone and has sensational views over the George Gill Ranges, there is even a bush shower and toilet. Again a campfire is cranked up as you settle in for a night under the stars.

  • Ayers Rock Sunrise
  • Kata Tjuta (Olgas)
  • Valley of the Winds Walk, 8km)
  • Kings Creek Station


Day 3

4WD Ayers Rock TourNot far from Camp 2 is Kings Canyon, another amazing central Australian destination full of surprises.

The best part about Kings Canyon is another 8km walk called “The Rim Walk” as it’s name suggests it takes you along the rim of the deep canyon and has some great, and scary, views of the surrounding desert and canyon floor.

In addition to the canyon, it’s self, there are a number of other jewels including The Garden of Eden, a lush pocket of vegetation with plants dating back to the age of the dinosaurs, it also has a deep, permanent water hole where you can jump in for a swim.

After lunch it’s time to start heading back towards Alice Springs, now there are 2 ways to go, one is the safe, predictable, longer sealed road, the other is a shortcut, an outback dirt road where the busses and caravans fear to tread. This wouldn’t be a true 4WD tour without a bit of off-road driving and this track has sand dunes, creek crossing and plenty of dust.

It’s the perfect way to finish off a sensational trip around the outback and you’ll arrive back into Alice Springs in the early evening, from where the group normally heads out for a night on the town.

  • Kings Canyon
  • 4WDing
  • Finke River
  • Jims Place
  • Alice Springs
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