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The weather for Ayers Rock (Uluru Weather) can go from one extreme to the next! Summer and winter have to different varying seasons that can present amazing experiences no matter what time of year you travel here.

From the hot temperatures through the summer months and cold nights during the winter months, Ayers Rock is just one of those special places in the Australian outback that must be experienced by all.

So for anyone that is planning to come here during the warm months, it is suggested that you plan to set out really early in the morning so that your sightseeing is enjoyable and fun.

And if you are planning to climb ‘The Rock’ then you must make sure that you are making your descend before 9 am as temperatures can soar after this time.

All you will for the summer months is some shorts and t-shirts and swimming and if you are visiting during the cooler months, then be sure to pack some warmer clothes especially for the night time.

During the day throughout winter, the days are really pleasant and make touring around especially delightful.

For more information about what the weather is going to be like for your trip to Uluru, call us today as we are always too happy to help.

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